Swiftwater partnership

Swiftwater and Digitas Consulting Partnership

Exciting Partnership Announcement: Digitas Consulting LLC and Swiftwater & Company

We are thrilled to announce a powerful new partnership between Digitas Consulting, LLC and Swiftwater & Company! This collaboration merges Craig D. A. Bowling’s 23 years of federal law enforcement expertise with Swiftwater’s cutting-edge solutions, enhancing our ability to deliver unparalleled consultancy and forensic services.

What This Partnership Brings:

Expert Investigations: Combining strengths, we can tackle a wide range of complex issues, including intellectual property disputes, financial fraud, corporate investigations, cyber matters affecting businesses, compliance issues, and money laundering.

Advanced Digital Forensics: Leveraging Craig’s extensive experience in digital forensics, including leading and involvement in major terrorism investigations, we will offer top-tier forensic services.

Comprehensive Solutions: Together, we provide enhanced support to law firms, multinational corporations, and high-profile clients, ensuring top-notch security and investigation practices.

This partnership is set to revolutionize our offerings, providing unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to our clients. We look forward to the incredible opportunities and successes this collaboration will bring!

For more information, visit Digitas Consulting LLC and Swiftwater & Company.

Kristina Widrig
Kristina Widrig

Kristina Widrig is a marketing leader at Swiftwater and Company. In her past positions, she has lead B2B marketing and sales at the national level.