Roger Jarman – Welcome to the Team

Roger Jarman Joins Swiftwater & Company

We are excited to announce that Roger is the newest member of our Swiftwater team in the EMEA region! Bringing a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective, Roger joins us as an EMEA Leader, ready to contribute to our growing presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

About Roger

Committed to delivering expertise, results, and building trustworthy relationships with clients, Roger has a proven record of successful technology implementations through well executed strategies and a hands-on approach.

For over 35 years, Roger has served some of the world’s biggest organizations, assisting them with implementing complex business solutions that enhance information management, increase productivity, and provide reportable cost saving benefits.

Role and Vision

Roger has significant experience in the areas of Intellectual Property Systems (IPMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) and is regarded as one of the most sought-after ELM consultants in the EMEA region.

A Warm Welcome

We are thrilled to welcome Roger aboard and can’t wait to see the positive impact he will have on our team and our customers in the EMEA region.

Join us in giving Roger a warm welcome!

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Kristina Widrig
Kristina Widrig

Kristina Widrig is a marketing leader at Swiftwater and Company. In her past positions, she has lead B2B marketing and sales at the national level.