PMO as a Service – Brochure

What is PMO?

A PMO (Project Management Office) creates immediate capacity by providing program and project management resources. It aligns projects with organizational goals, ensuring resources are used effectively and key objectives are met. It provides transparency, governance, documentation, and metrics related to the practices surrounding the management and implementation of projects.

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PMO as a Service for Legal, Risk and Compliance – Brochure

What is project management?

Project Management is the structured process of planning, executing, and closing projects, ensuring that specific goals and success criteria are met within the set timeframe and budget. It involves a series of methodologies, tools, and techniques to control time, cost, quality, scope, and risks.

Benefits of project management to the company?

Each of these benefits contributes to a strategic advantage for companies, ensuring that projects are managed efficiently and effectively, aligning with business goals, and delivering value.

Benefits of project management to the company?

Here are the benefits:

  1. Cost Effectiveness: A PMO can streamline project management costs by standardizing processes and procedures, leading to more efficient use of resources and reducing the likelihood of project overruns.

  2. Future-Proof Compliance: A PMO ensures that projects adhere to current regulations and standards, which is crucial for future-proofing against changes in legal and industry-specific compliance requirements.

  3. Operational Excellence: By fostering a culture of best practices and continuous improvement, a PMO enhances the operational aspects of project execution, leading to consistent delivery of successful projects.

  4. Enhanced Collaboration: A PMO acts as a central hub to facilitate communication and collaboration between different stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is aligned and working cohesively towards project goals.

  5. Data-driven Decisions: A PMO emphasizes the use of data and analytics to inform decision-making, enabling the company to make more strategic and evidence-based decisions about project priorities and resource allocation.

  6. Delivery Standardization: A PMO establishes standardized delivery frameworks across all projects, which helps in maintaining quality, reducing duplication of effort, and ensuring a consistent approach to project management.

Swiftwater’s Project Management As a Service (PMaaS)

Project Management as a service engagement models

It’s an on-demand service that is enabled by technology and proprietary frameworks to lead your projects to success.

A Swiftwater Project Manager is equipped with a unique set of skills to drive business outcomes. Creative problem solving, communication, collaborative leadership, strategic thinking, and relationship building are the primary tools at their disposal.

Here is an illustration of activities and responsibilities of a Swiftwater Project Manager beyond planning and oversight:

Illustrative activities of swiftwater project manager

By leveraging the latest technologies, we can standardize management and reporting, which allows you and your team to deliver high-quality work and realize enterprise value. Join forces with us to take your business to the next level.

Illustrative lists of tools for Swiftwater PMO

Swiftwater’s has invested in partnerships for elevated client experience

We have global partnerships with other services and technology companies as well. Our professionals have experience across legal and risk systems such as Enterprise Legal Management, Document Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Entity Management, Intellectual Property Management, Cyber Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, Vendor Management, Bidding, etc.

We also have experience with enterprise systems as Microsoft (stack), Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Workday, ADP, Google, etc. Our staff is worked with numerous other enterprise tools such CRMs, ERPs, HRIS, Content Management, Risk Management, etc.

Case studies

We have proven services that we have delivered at numerous clients.

Case study #1 – A lean law department’s goal of 20% savings

A law department of 5 individuals sought to lower their company’s legal budget and improve their risk profile. Our professionals provided part-time project management, delivering work streams in technology, training, and spend assessment, which allowed the legal team to focus on legal work and achieve their goal of 20% savings.

Case study #2 – A Fortune-ranked manufacturer’s legal and compliance transformation

A Fortune-ranked automotive manufacturer underwent a legal and compliance department transformation with the help of a PMO office and individual project managers for 10 different work stream. Our professional PMO office acted as the central nervous system, while project managers collaborated with resources and frameworks to achieve on-time and on-budget success.

Case study #3 – A global tech company’s IP system upgrade delays

A global tech company’s IP team faced issues with their IP management solution upgrade, leading to delays, missed deadlines and scope creep. Swiftwater’s PMO team assigned an experienced project manager with legal tech and IP expertise to stabilize the project and get it back on track.

Personal & Professional Benefits of Project Management as a Service (PMaas)

Leveraging on-demand PMO As A Service will yield personal and team benefits in addition to organizational benefits listed above.

Personal and Professional Benefits of Project Management as a Service (PMaas)

About Swiftwater and Company

Swiftwater is a dynamic company with a roster of expertise, that ushered the digital and operations revolution. We are pioneers in legal, risk and compliance strategy and technology implementations that have helped modernize numerous organizations.

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