Case Study: Top Global Oil and Gas


As part of the organization’s accelerated transformation effort, the legal department of one of the top Oil & Gas company was tasked to transform its legal service delivery model. Our professional’s were initially engaged to develop a multi-year strategic technology plan and were subsequently retained to develop an end-to-end Outside Counsel Management Program to maximize the value of procured legal services.

Conducted detailed legal spend assessment

Our professional’s led an external spend assessment that involved gathering detailed task and activity data from all Outside Counsel. Performed thorough analysis of how firms were being used for different type of matters.

Developed a new legal operating model and service delivery protocol

The portfolio was prioritized according to a risk and value matrix, and a Make v. Buy model was developed to determine how to reduce cost whilst maximizing value. The legal operating model was refreshed to accomodate the new service delivery protocol


The department was restructured to allow work to be performed and managed more efficiently. A number of functions were identified for outsourcing to alternative legal service providers to yield significant cost savings.

Kristina Widrig
Kristina Widrig

Kristina Widrig is a marketing leader at Swiftwater and Company. In her past positions, she has lead B2B marketing and sales at the national level.