Case Study: Fortune 20 Technology


With the implementation of a new foreign filing strategy, our top global technology client predicted a significant increase in workloads within 24 months.

However, the existing legal operating model was not scalable, nor could it support the organization’s goals for higher quality patent review and prosecution.

Our professionals were engaged to help evaluate alternative options to promote efficiency and improve data quality.

Conducted current state assessment

Our professionals conducted a thorough current state assessment that identified numerous recommendations including consolidation of vendors.

Developed a transformation business case

Our professionals developed a business case to support a 3-year transformation.

Led vendor selection and vendor negotiations

Once approved, our professionals led an external vendor selection process and negotiated a 5 year contract to achieve over $13M in tangible savings.

Consolidated technology ecosystem

To help with the operational efficiency of the internal resources, our professionals guided the client through a system selection and implementation to replace their fractured complex and expensive technology ecosystem with a simplified lifecycle tool.


Our professionals helped the top technology vendor achieve $13M in savings through vendor selection and negotiations. Our professionals helped improve the operational efficiency of the function by simplifying and consolidating the legal and IP technology stack. It led to better user adoption and reporting.

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Kristina Widrig
Kristina Widrig

Kristina Widrig is a marketing leader at Swiftwater and Company. In her past positions, she has lead B2B marketing and sales at the national level.