Identifying Your Business Analysis Challenges:
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What is Business Analyst as a Services ?

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Swiftwater & Company introduces a groundbreaking solution –
Business Analyst as a Service (BaaS). Tailored to address your challenges listed above,
BAaaS offers unparalleled expertise and flexibility
Our service seamlessly blends with your operations, providing experienced analysts and innovative tools to
enhance efficiency and drive strategic outcomes. Why hire experts when they can be available when you need them?
This will help free up headcount to focus on strategic hires for the long term. Embrace the future of business analysis
with Swiftwater, where exceptional service meets strategic excellence
Assessments & Roadmaps

Optimize your operations with legal department strategy, cultural change coaching, and more.

Document & Records Management

Navigating legal processes and technology transformations can be challenging, resulting in failed projects and unnecessary resource expenditure.

Enterprise Legal Management

Implement matter management, financial management, and e-billing.

Contract Lifecycle Management

CLM readiness, implementation, contract compliance, and administration.

Intellectual Property

Implementing and upgrading IPMS, IP analytics, and paralegal support services.

Process & Technology

AI consulting, system selection, process optimization, and reporting

Operational Services

Program Management As A Service (PMaaS), third party risk management, and privacy review

Enterprise Technology

Process & data orchestration, middleware & systems integration, and various enterprise technologies.

Business Analysis Services (Illustrative List)

Business analysis covers a wide range of services that help in understanding and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations. These services are typically aimed at bridging the gap between business needs and solutions, ranging from short-term project-based analysis to long-term strategic planning.

Key Benefits Analysis Services

Our seasoned analysts bring immediate expertise to your project, ensuring efficiency from the start.

Swiftwater’s analysts utilize our proven, optimized frameworks for efficient, reliable, and best practicealigned results.

We offer global availability of experts to support your business operations anywhere in the world.

Our experts bring efficient project management tools including document sharing and information collection.

We have industry-specialized experts in areas such as intellectual property, privacy, process improvement, organization design, litigation, transactions, legal technology, compliance management, and risk management, ensuring domain-specific insights. 

Using Swiftwater’s BaaS allows teams to focus on core tasks, creating a more efficient and positive work environment

Subject Matter & Partnerships

At Swiftwater, our global partnerships demonstrate our investment in top-tier solutions. We ensure our clients benefit from the latest innovations and best practices. Our team has extensive experience in legal and risk systems, including Enterprise Legal Management, Document Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Entity Management, Intellectual Property Management, Cyber Risk Management, Third Party Risk Management, and Vendor Management.

Our expertise extends to robust enterprise systems, encompassing CRMs, ERPs, HRIS, and Enterprise Risk Management solutions.

Success Stories

Case Study # 1

A manufacturing client suffering from low employee engagement hired our professionals to create a robust employee engagement program. The experienced Business Analyst worked with Legal and HR to create an exciting employee program bringing voluntary attrition to single digits during the tough transformation year.

Case Study # 2

A high-tech client wanted to automate their legal bills and save costs. We provided them with experts in e-billing rules and processes who were also familiar with the tool that was being implemented. Our ebilling experts helped roll-out the system in over 50 countries yielding 20% cost savings.

Case Study # 3

A tech company faced challenges with its legal operating model due to an anticipated workload increase, leading to a three-year strategic transformation conducted by our business analysis professionals. This included consolidating vendors, simplifying the technology ecosystem, and negotiating a 5-year contract that saved over $13M.

Swiftwater is a dynamic company with a roster of experts, which ushered in and embraced the digital and operations revolution.

We are pioneers in legal, risk and compliance strategy, and technology implementations that have helped modernize numerous organizations.

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